A Different Kind of Lawyer

Intense, Thorough Legal Representation

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Get the lawyer your hire. Your freedom is paramount. I restrict the number of criminal defense clients and cases I handle because higher quality criminal defense requires having fewer legal cases on a lawyers docket, so that I may devote my time to properly representing and being focused on my cases. When it comes to court, I will be there to protect and defend my clients. I don't send associates when you hire me. The reasoning is simple: I care about my clients and their opinions of my performance as their attorney, so I work to ease any worries and concerns they may have by being in the courtroom with them, as well as being available to them at all times via email or my personal cell phone. Along with making sure my clients have a peace of mind with their future in my hands, I also make sure to commit to working to the best of my abilities for every individual I represent because that I know my clients may refer my services as a criminal defense attorney to their friends and families. Therefore, I work to ensure that my clients have positive results with me, so they may trust me with their loved ones, who may also be in need of my service as a defense attorney. 


Often, people call and ask how much I charge for a certain legal defense. First, I rarely discuss legal fees over the telephone. Your freedom is too important for a 30 second legal defense conversation. I prefer to make an appointment and discuss the legal case in person before we start talking about money. This job is more than just a dollar amount to me. Every individual and factual scenario to a criminal offense indictment is different; therefore, I will not set a fee without having a detailed discussion about your legal case. I understand circumstances differ for every individual, so unlike many other criminal defense attorneys, I refuse to run my law office like a fast food restaurant, because I sincerely care about the individuals I represent. 

What Low Volume, High Quality Legal Representation Means For You:

It means systematic, regular, and efficient communication with the legal clients. Effective communication demonstrates loyalty, confidence and preparation of your legal defense in Fort Bend, Harris County, Wharton Count or throughout Texas. I will:

  • Be there. I don't send associates. 
  • Communicate the steps to be taken in your legal defense.
  • Determine the potential results of each action we take in your legal defense.
  • Dispel any false impressions or expectations concerning the criminal justice system.
  • Describe the criminal defense process in a way the client can understand.

Advantages for Clearly Communicating with Clients Include:

  • An educated client will have a much better idea of what is important to the legal case and will be able to provide information and ask questions that will help him or her to develop more coherent criminal defense theories and more effective strategies in court.
  • Keeping clients informed of their legal rights and expectations helps them manage the stress of the criminal justice system, as well as easy any worries and concerns about their case.
  • An informed legal client is a satisfied client and that relates to more criminal defense referrals for me in Fort Bend County and Harris County.

What a Client Should Expect from his Criminal Defense Attorney:

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  • Fierce criminal defense of his client under criminal indictments or investigations.

  • Commitment and diligence to the client and his or her case.

  • Presentation of all the options to his client with recommendations and professional legal opinions.

  • Preparing his client completely for each step in the legal process.

  • Review of all possible defense scenarios and interview all witnesses and review evidence in support of the client’s case.

  • Develop a theme to the legal defense - the theme is composed of a powerful criminal defense strategy and a course of action to present reasonable doubt or otherwise minimize exposure or punishments.

If you are in need of legal consultation in the Fort Bend / Harris County / Wharton County area  contact Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney David Kiatta for a free one-hour legal consultation by calling (713) 785-8005.