Domestic Violence Attorney

Imagine this domestic violence situation: The police are dispatched to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, the police will label one person the victim and the other a suspect. Usually, the first person to talk to the police is labeled the domestic violence victim. One person, usually the wife or girlfriend, tells the police that she was assaulted by her husband or boyfriend and he is then carted off to jail. Later, the “victim” will tell the prosecutor and the accused person’s attorney that she would like to “drop the domestic violence charges.”


"Dropping Domestic Violence Charges" Is Not As Simple As It Sounds.


In a Houston, Texas domestic violence criminal case, only the prosecutor has the authority to dismiss it. The prosecutor is not required to dismiss a charge at the victim’s request. In a family violence case, it is possible for the state to prosecute a defendant, and convict him, without the assistance of the domestic violence victim. Sometimes, a spouse or girlfriend can be forced to testify against the other, and the initial statements to the police or other witnesses accounts may be introduced as evidence in the domestic violence trial.

domestic violence attorneyProsecutors often try to coerce the “domestic violence victim” to testify against the “domestic violence suspect” by threatening to file criminal charges against the “victim”. When a spouse tells a prosecutor that she initially lied to the police when she said she was assaulted, prosecutors have been known to threaten to arrest the wife and charge her with filing a false police report. The wife is then put in the position of trying to decide whether to tell the truth or spend time in jail.

If charged with a domestic violence offense relating to any type of family or relationship, you need a domestic violence attorney with experience in Fort Bend County and Houston area courts. If convicted or given probation, a second allegation in your life time could result in a domestic violence felony charge.

In most domestic violence cases, bonds are set extremely high. Do not post the bond until inquiring if a domestic violence attorney can get the bond amount lowered.

If you or someone you know has been accused of or charged with a domestic violence offense, contact David Kiatta, a domestic violence attorney in Fort Bend County, Wharton County, Harris County for a free one-hour legal consultation.